Most control towers have lightning protection systems. However, serious accidents do happen.

According to a recent report by Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter

  • After improving the ground system according to the measurements made in step 1, measure the ground impedance with the 1625-2. This value is very important because lightning is a high frequency event and ground impedance measurement will determine the ability of the grounding system to properly disperse the lightning energy.
  • Measure the continuity of the lightning protection system down conductor. This will determine if the down conductor is at the same potential as the other components of the electrical system. All components must be at the same potential when lightning strikes to avoid catastrophic damage.
  • Determine the equipotential bonding of all components in the grounding system by using the 1625-2 to measure DC resistance or AC resistance between components in the following cases:
    • lightning protection system;
    • grounding system;
    • grounding system (safety ground wire/equipment ground wire);
    • shielding of electrical equipment (approach and navigation system);
    • airport weather advisory systems (including RVE, ATIS, AWOS and others).
  • Install a surge voltage suppressor with adequate current capacity in accordance with IEEEC.62.41 to protect electronic equipment.

Step 3. Troubleshooting

  • Identify loose connections and hot transformers and conductors by using the 1625-2 to measure resistance values ​​or the potential difference between two points. You can also use an infrared camera such as the Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter.

Learn more

  • Click here to learn more about each step and get more information on codes and standards for lightning protection systems, as well as general grounding requirements for FAA AC 150/5340-30D (.pdf).
  • Learn more about earth testers
  • See the Fluke News article “Don’t Forget Your Grounding System”.

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