How does climate change increase electrical lightning?

How does climate change increase electrical lightning?

According to CBS News, lightning caused 27 fatalities in 2015, with the summer months accounting for the majority of those fatalities. For safety reasons, agencies like the National Weather Service are urging citizens to be prepared for lightning strikes. Recommendations are to stay indoors and avoid electronic devices during a storm. In addition to human safety against lightning, engineers must also consider facility protection to protect company investments such as building structures and valuable electronic equipment.

Death or injury is the most extreme danger associated with lightning. This natural phenomenon causes many other problems, including:

  • Installation downtime.
  • Damaged electrical and technological equipment.
  • Loss of income.
  • Loss of data due to unavailability of equipment.
  • With climate change and the increased likelihood of electric shocks, engineers must strive to protect their facilities against the risk of lightning.

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